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A.J. Mirabedini


A.J. brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial, marketing, sales, and money-making life-skills to GKIC. He joined the company as CEO in June, 2015, where he feels right at home among the unique breed of industrious humans known as entrepreneurs. His mission today: To expand GKIC into the premiere and most relied-upon community of small-business owners in the world.

His entrepreneurial path has led him through many opportunities as well as a fair amount of rough patches, each giving him insight into what causes some entrepreneurs to succeed and others to struggle.

In the ’90s, he invested his savings in a dot-com company and was ready to roll it out just as the dot-com crash happened. Then he spent seven years building his first company only to have every penny of the profits embezzled by an office manager. A very expensive lesson in the school of hard knocks, which left him with two choices: either give up and take a job or rebuild his business – bigger and better.  It was at this time that he learned the principles GKIC calls Magnetic Marketing, and he cracked the code to attracting, retaining and converting prospects into clients. In just a few short years, his business grew to become a national firm working with hundreds of clients, creating record profits, jobs and a lifestyle of which he had dreamed.

A.J. worked his way through four years at The College of Wooster in Ohio. Immediately after graduating with a degree in marketing and communications, his entrepreneurial flame was ignited. He turned down an internship at the United Nations (the safe path), preferring instead to invest in and work for a start-up magazine in the advertising department (the risky entrepreneurial path). After a year, the magazine went out business and his investment up in smoke, which only stoked the fire more to figure out this game of marketing, advertising, and making money. And so, true to his entrepreneurial passion, he started consulting with small businesses, providing marketing guidance and resources to support and sustain their businesses. Since then, the entrepreneurial path is the only path A.J. has known.

Contact A.J. at amirabedini@gkic.com


Nick Loise


Nick Loise, President, comes to GKIC after being a successful entrepreneur, marketing and sales executive, info-marketer and lifelong student of Dan Kennedy and GKIC. He originally saw Dan Kennedy in 1994 at a Success International event in Arizona, and he’s been hooked every since. He has owned and operated two separate businesses, one that is still in operation today.

Nick has implemented the keys principles of Magnetic Marketing and Direct Response Marketing into all of his business and professional endeavors. He has served as a top marketing executive at companies ranging in revenue size from $1 million to $1 billion.

Nick was an early adopter to the digital marketing side of the business in the early 90s and used this online platform to acquire new customers and gain market share over his competition. He also instituted direct response marketing into all of his companies and industries (even in many industries where direct response marketing was unheard of) and used that to acquire leads and customers and drive revenue and profit.

He has been an adjunct professor of marketing at a Chicagoland university, teaching both undergraduates and graduates, as well as guest lecturing on many different stages and online platforms. He resides in Park Ridge, Ill., with his wife and two children. Nick brings his passion for small business and entrepreneurs to his work every day.

Contact Nick at nick@gkic.com or call him at 773-632-4640, Skype is nick.gkic.


Mark Bromberg

Director of Operations

Mark Bromberg, Director of Operations, is a senior sales leader with over 25 years of direct and indirect business development and channel management experience. Mark’s entrepreneurial career began in college when he started his first software company, Triad Legal Software, during his junior year. Since then Mark has founded two other businesses and held channel management positions with numerous technology firms, helping them enter new markets and expand their sales via indirect sales.

At GKIC, Mark oversees the indirect sales operations working with GKIC’s Independent and Certified Business Advisors, Strategic Partners, and Affiliates. Mark’s hands-on experience is enhanced with certifications in document management and customer relationship management systems, giving him a unique perspective to help his clients and partners identify and overcome the operational challenges of their clients.

Contact Mark at mbromberg@gkic.com


Darcy Juarez

Chief Business Strategist

Darcy Juarez has spent the last 12 years creating some of the most successful product launches and marketing systems in the direct response and information marketing world that has gained national attention, earned Accolades, and increased revenue by millions of dollars while reducing time to purchase. She has developed and refined marketing systems for building quality leads and new business that decrease the cost per lead while increasing transactional volume which immediately adds significant income to the bottom line. She has worked with some of the top names in Direct Response Marketing and Info-Marketing.

With a passion for automation, she helps entrepreneurs implement programs and solutions for saving time while increasing profits and reducing overhead through her step-by-step strategies for creating a successful business. Contact Darcy at djuarez@gkic.com


Vito DeFrenza

Sales Manager

Vito DeFrenza joined the GIKC team of Business Consultants in July of 2015. Previously he was a multimedia advertising consultant at a local publishing company where he focused on assisting small- to medium-sized businesses with achieving their growth strategies and goals. During that time Vito was introduced to the GKIC breakthrough-style of marketing, and his outlook on the way to entrepreneurial success was forever changed.

Entrepreneurship must run in his veins, because Vito also owned his own restaurant in one of the industry’s toughest markets: Chicago! So he understands the fierce, daily challenges of running a brick-and-mortar business. He knows what keeps entrepreneurs awake at night, and he ‘gets’ the need for continuous marketing and promotion to grow a business – but it’s all about working smarter, not harder, he says; it’s about channeling marketing efforts and dollars in ways that actually produce results.

Because of his experience as a business owner and has served small businesses throughout his career, Vito is putting his knowledge and expertise to work, listening to and then helping GKIC members grow in sustainable, life-changing ways.


Kim Phelan


Kim Phelan, Editor-in-Chief, is a seasoned print, digital, and live event content developer. Kim’s background ranges from association management and publishing to publishing and marketing in the construction, healthcare, and higher education industries. She has deep experience in the creation of marketing campaigns for products, services, events and courses.

Kim is a journalist and magazine editor who began her career as an award-winning publications copywriter. She has been an invited “Magazine of the Year” judge for the American Society of Business Publication Editors’ national contest for five years. Having worked eight years as executive editor and director of programs with a national trade association that serves small businesses in equipment distribution, she is plugged into the marketing, financial and advocacy needs of small-business owners.

Contact Kim at kphelan@gkic.com


Joshua Burnell

Director of Digital Strategy

Joshua Burnell – Director of Digital Strategy. In the mid 90s, Joshua was working in the music industry and while in a recording studio he was introduced to the Internet. “It was love at first site,” he says. “I knew I wanted in on this and everything it is going to be.” He immediately went out and purchased books on HTML, graphic design, and anything else he could find. Always interested in technology, as a kid he would take apart any electronic devices he could get his hands on, try and understand the workings of it, and then put it back together.

Not surprising, Joshua majored in Electronics Technology, and after 11 years in the music industry, he moved to a career in web development. He is responsible for having put the first Chicago Zoning Ordinance books online, and he has worked as a consultant for a number of membership organizations including The Academy of Sports Medicine and the YMCA. Joshua also served in the pharmaceutical communications industry for seven years.

You can contact Joshua at: joshua@gkic.com

He joined GKIC in 2012 and is responsible for managing the web development, graphic design, and video production team.


Chereka Thompson

Customer Care Team

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Johanna Morlock-Abbasi

Director of Product Developement

Johanna Morlock-Abbasi, a career marketer, began her work shortly after graduating from DePaul University. An avid runner and three-time Chicago marathon finisher, Johanna applies a constant life-learning experience in everything she does.

In addition to concentrating on and collaboratively improving the challenges she’s encountered in her 25-year marketing career, she makes time to not only enrich her home environment, she is also active in charitable work with local non-profits. She often hosts and leads fundraising efforts that significantly increase awareness and support to those needing a hand up instead of a hand-out.

After nearly 20 years with a nationally known publisher, and working closely with GKIC for many of those years, Johanna is responsible for Content Strategy and Development for GKIC products.

Contact Johanna at jabbasi@gkic.com


Ting Gong


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Nathan Mainor

Sr. Web Developer

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Brendan Sweeney

Sales Consultant

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Tonya Pszcolka

Director of Events

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Patricia DuCharme

Human Resources

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Daniel Stone

Chapter Manager

Since coming aboard with GKIC, Daniel says he is doing what he loves most: leveraging his experience to help other entrepreneurs, information marketers, and small businesses to become successful and achieve their life’s dreams and passions.

He grew up in an entrepreneurial household and, at a very young age, found himself working after school and summers at his dad’s insurance agency in Chicago. Thanks to that experience, Daniel has been attracted to the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, following his dream and helping others to follow theirs.

For the last 30 years he has pursued that passion, working with startups across a wide variety of industries, and what a list it is: Running a family-owned Midas muffler franchise with his brother; working as a futures trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange; helping to launch a health services startup operating two brick and mortar massage therapy practices (The Ultimate Backrub); partnering in an information marketing business teaching ¬technical recruiting strategies to headhunters (Technology Explained); partnering in a manufacturing startup that made ultra-light aircraft called powered parachutes (AirSled); and, for the last 10 years, helping to start and grow an online IT Services company from zero to over 3 million dollars per year in recurring revenue (01.com, Inc.).

At 01.com, Daniel worked with the son of a Chicago direct marketing entrepreneur with a powerful family heritage in direct response – through this connection he uncovered the brilliant direct-response marketing strategies of GKIC. All Daniel can say is, “I wish I had found them 20 years earlier!”

You can reach Daniel at 773-632-4664 or email him at dstone@gkic.com.


Kamila Wrobel

Manager of Membership

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Molly Morgan

Customer Care Team

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