Raving Fans

Darren Teale

“Since investing in The Ultimate Marketing Machine, I’ve been putting everything into place, and my sales have picked up astronomically in the process. It’s knowing exactly who your customer is and how you actually talk to your customer so that you’re actually getting the person who is going to buy from you, rather than someone that’ not going to buy from you and is just going to waste your time.”

-- Darren Teale, Westral Home Improvements, Australia

Jay Emery

“One of the challenges that has always been an issue for me is implementation of the things you learn. So the Peak Performers Implementation program, that I like, is that they actually give you exercises to do rather than leave you to go do it on your own. They show you how easy it actually is. Without a doubt , the best of the elite groups that I’ve been in.”

-- Jay Emery, Manufacturer of the Bushman Wood Fired Ovens, UK

Dr. Chris Bowman

“I finally understand how to target the right prospects through my marketing. After over 5 years of being a GKIC member, I am continually astounded by both the variety of business concepts and ideas presented. I can truly say that I get ‘at least’ one money-making idea from each issue of the No B.S. Marketing Letter and audio CD.”

--Dr. Chris Bowman Charlotte NC

Pam Whynot

“I just listened to [the latest Copy Confidentials] audio the other day and I just wanted to say “HOLY CRAP!” This stuff is absolutely NINJA! I took pages of notes regarding setting up my copywriting. Everything they] talked about in terms of setting up an outline, and doing the reaearch was absolutely my missing links for writing more effective copy. You helped me gain confidence and a plan of action to take my writing and results to the next level…THANK YOU.”

--Pam Whynot

Dr. Roz Jackson

“I am so impressed with GKIC & Dan Kennedy; if I could let you in on a secret I’m obsessed. The methods have opened my eyes in my business. As a healthcare provider, I thought my business was taking care of patients. In reality my real business is making money while taking care of patients. Since following proven methods with GKIC I have increased my bottom line when others thought I wouldn’t survive being in solo practice.”

--Dr. Roz Jackson, Total Health & Wellness OBGYN LLC

Vance Morris

“I started my journey as a Gold Member in January. My goal was to develop my [carpet cleaning] company to a point where it was not necessary for me to literally be cleaning carpets every day as a technician. My goal was to be off the truck by the end of the year…. So I attended the GKIC Fast Implementation Bootcamp in D.C. WOW! What an experience! That meeting changed everything. I learned more in 12 hours about marketing than I had in the last four years. I began the transformation of my business from commodity to exclusive. From that day on, I continued to set, monitor, and re-adjust my goals. GKIC gave me the tools and framework and I bought the energy, tenacity, will-power and the I-will- win-at- all-costs frame of mind.”

--Vance Morris